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Lossing Weight / August 19, 2022

Since childhood I've watched thin, ageless women enjoying the same sugary snacks that I preferred to avoid when I was trying to lose weight as an adult. Still, those images of carefree beauties noshing on pastries helped shape one of my big fantasies: to eat cake while thin (and hot and young, preferably in a posh SoHo loft).

How better to celebrate my weight loss, I thought, than to eat cake? Were I someone who can eat sweets in moderation, celebrating with a slice of cake would be fine, but I'm not that person. Those celebratory treats ushered in months-long binges that brought my weight back, fast.

Losing weight doesn't change who you are, and it certainly doesn't turn you into a hot, ageless ingenue like the ones you see on TV nibbling chocolate with impunity. You can't become someone you're not, but you can be honest with yourself about who you are, and how you behave around certain food. If you stay true to yourself, then you can make consistently healthy choices around food.

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