15 Weight Loss Tips From Don t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight

Rujuta Diwekar weight loss tips

Lossing Weight / August 19, 2022

She hated the restrictions of a conventional diet and hitting the gym was not her thing. She was fully conscious of her excess weight but her busy schedule kept her away from doing any physical activity. The day she got a vision from her friend became the turning point of her life. She followed Rujuta Diwekar's interesting 'healthy' tips online and today Neha Arora managed to shed her weight. She shares her weight loss journey from fat to fit.

Name: Neha Arora

Highest weight recorded: 86 kg

Weight lost: 24 kg

The turning point: I had many responsibilities. I was taking care of my mother and was also an earning member of my family. I was obese and due to my busy schedule I was not getting time to take care of my body. After my marriage, I decided to lose weight and took tips from a friend. However, my body couldn't adapt to those changes. I followed Rujuta Diwekar and other famous dieticians online. This virtual help proved beneficial for my body. Soon I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, stomach infection and corn in my foot. I was not ready to give up. I fought against my health conditions and succeeded in what I had dreamt of.

My breakfast: Poha, chillas, upma, egg with brown bread and porridge

My lunch: 1 chapati wih seasonal vegetable, salad, curd. Occasionally, I also prefer nutri soya, rajma, channa and paneer

My dinner: A bowl of dal, salad, half chapati and sometimes rice

I indulge in: Savoury items like chaat, tikkas and sometimes pizza

My workout: 30 minutes walk 4 days a week, cardio for fifteen minutes, 15 minutes of weight training, 15 minutes stretch training. All these exercises, I prefer doing at my home.

I also practice yoga and love dancing too. I keep swapping yoga and dance on alternate days as I believe that your workout regime shouldn't be monotonous.

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: Upma, idli, hung curd sandwich and poha

Fitness secrets I unveiled: You are what you eat. 70 per cent of your fitness depends on your wise choice of food and 30 per cent on your work out regime. Healthy eating and workout, they both go hand in hand.
How do I stay motivated? My motivation lies within me. I always want to look good and fit - without any diseases, body bulges - just a lighter and fitter me. Fit and healthy people motivate me. Whenever I see someone better than me, it helps me be a better version of me.
Lessons learnt from weight loss: Life becomes beautiful when you have a healthy body. Worship your body and you will get awesome results. Never forget to love yourself. Think what you are eating. Eat good, eat healthy and stay happy!

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