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Fast Weight Loss / March 30, 2018

What if what we are told about weight loss is wrong? Picture: Bernadette Fisers

IT’S not fun being fat or, to be politically correct, “overweight”, and I should know. Once upon a time, I was seriously overweight too — in fact, I was massive.

I’m a fulltime working mum. Like many in the same situation, I was time-poor and didn’t make myself a priority. At my worst, I weighed more than a staggering (and uncomfortable) 128 kilos. At 175cm tall, that made my BMI a huge 42 per cent. In medical speak? I was morbidly obese. I was part of the whopping 63 per cent of overweight Aussies. That number only increases when you go out of the cities — by a further 15 per cent.

I’m not the only one. Australia is one of the world’s fattest countries, sitting right beside the USA and the UK — it is an epidemic. Why are more of us obese than ever before? It’s obvious — we have clearly been given the wrong information.

From a medical disaster to fit and healthy. Picture: Bernadette FisersWe have always been told to eat less and exercise more. For years, that has been the common-sense answer to losing weight. But … well … what if that’s wrong?

We’ve also been told that it’s our fault we are fat — we’re “too lazy, too greedy”, or we don’t have the willpower, plus a barrage of other insulting stuff. That is also a big fat lie.

From a medical disaster to fit and healthy. Picture: Bernadette FisersSource:Supplied

I’m a makeup artist and I work in fashion. I’ve been pretty successful in my career and have travelled all over the world working on many a famous face. I’ve had shows with Celine Dion and Whitney Houston plus famous Aussies like Jesinta Franklin and Jessica Mauboy. Despite success at work, I was an epic fail with my own body.

To change it, I desperately needed to know what to do in order to drop weight and be healthy, fast. My doctor was completely freaking out. I was fat and getting fatter by the minute, as well as on the brink of diabetes, with hypertension (high blood pressure) and a fatty liver. I was a medical disaster.

“I wanted warp speed weight loss, without killing myself doing it.” Picture: Bernadette FisersI was desperate for a long-term answer and nothing was working. So I started reading and doing research, looking at recent medical studies on losing weight, and asking the people I work with — mostly young, fit models, what they eat.

I became my own guinea pig. When one weight-loss technique worked, I found another to boost it. I wanted warp speed weight loss, without killing myself doing it. When you’re fat, you want the fat gone — preferably yesterday and permanently. This weight-loss plan had to be something I could commit to for life.

After 30 weeks I had lost 30kg. Yep, I was high-fiving myself. My doctor was smiling and I had just about every mum at the school pick up wanting to know how I had lost the weight so fast.


“I wanted warp speed weight loss, without killing myself doing it.” Picture: Bernadette FisersSource:Supplied

Big weight loss is all about the food. Exercise is important to a lesser extent — for me, it’s walking and, in summer, swimming. This year in a bikini … woo hoo!

Bernadette has now lost 30kg. Picture: Bernadette FisersSo, if you’ve got a weight issue stop putting yourself down, and read this — I mean read it and absorb it — because this works ... fast. I have 31 different rules for the body and mind. Here’s a sample of some that you can start with. Take it one at a time and one day at a time.

•Firstly stop eating sugar. Its addictive and making you fat

•Don’t drink any fizzy drinks or juices they are full of sugar

•Don’t buy diet foods. They took out the fat and put in sugar

•Eat full fat foods only as they will make you feel fuller longer

•Watch your portion size. Protein should be the size of your palm, plus plenty of leafy greens.

•Seriously cut back on your carbs and I mean seriously. No pasta, white potatoes or white rice

•Try to eat far less processed foods, buy fresh foods

•Walk 10, 000 steps a day. It’s not only good for your body but mentally it really helps

•Start eating at 10am and finish eating at 7pm. This does truly amazing things for your body

•Try not to be stressed as stress makes you gain weight

•Drink green tea over any other tea it helps with weight loss

Source: www.news.com.au