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Diet / July 8, 2018

2016-09-22-1474567056-2791144-diet.jpegAnyone who has attempted to maintain a healthy weight can attest to how tough it could be. And many who have tried and failed to lose weight might even believe that dieting does not work. Maybe they are probably right. Some diets do not work and none of them work for everyone - in other words, our bodies respond differently.

While there is no easy way to lose weight, there are actually quite a lot of steps users can take to develop a good relationship with food, avoid emotional eating, and achieve long lasting weight-loss success. Examining any random diet book will hold claims to all the answers to successfully keep off the excess weight and more. While some claims exercise is the major key to successful weight loss, other advises you to cut out carbs.

In this case, what should you actually believe? What you should realize in your weight loss journey is that there is no general solution to weight loss. The fact that it works for Emily does not mean it will work for Agnes. To discover the weight loss method that will work best for you, Commitment, Patience and Experimentation with various diets is necessary. We have therefore compiled some list of healthy weight loss tips that could augment your weight loss goals. We hope these tips could guide you in discovering what will work for you.

1. Control Emotional Eating

The fact remains that it is not only when we are hungry that we eat. Most of us are guilty of resorting to food when stressed out, anxious, angry etc., which wreck any diet plan we are on. Taking snacks with a movie at the end of a stressful day or eating when bored or lonely are the various example of emotional eating.

  • When stressed, seek for various other way to calm yourself down. You could attempt medications, yoga etc. There are plenty of resources online that could help you learn more about yoga.
  • When bored or lonely, reach out to actual friends instead of the refrigerator. Chat with friends if they are not within reach.

2. Keep Active

The benefit of exercise to the body is beyond measure. Asides shedding off excess pounds, it increases your metabolism and makes you look younger. And you do not necessary have to visit the gym before you exercise, going for a walk or jog is enough to keep your metabolism up.

Remember, the goal is to get your metabolism up. Once your metabolism is firing at all cylinders, the fat burning rate of your body will increase thus keeping you fit. Find an exercise plan you enjoy. Dancing, cycling, an evening of basketball or yoga will do.

3. Stay Motivated

If you desire a permanent weight loss, you have got make permanent and healthy changes to your lifestyle. Having a working diet and weight management plan require a lot of commitment. Here are some examples of tips to stay motivated:

  • Seek out support: Social cheering sections means a lot. Programs that could positively influence your weight loss journey is necessary.
  • Start Slow and Steady: Loosing lots of pounds at the same time can take a toll on the mind and body, making you feel drained. Aim to lose one or two pound a week.
  • Set Goals; Setting goals is another way to stay motivated. Short term goals like wanting to fit into your old pairs of jeans in a couple of months time will keep you going.
  • Get Adequate Sleep: Inadequate sleep usually makes one want to eat more which is normal. Thus try not to sabotage your weight loss tips by getting enough sleep.
  • Track your progress: Everyone likes positive result. There are apps, fitness trackers etc that comes in handy when it comes to tracking your weight loss progress. A simple journal record can also help.

4. Consume More of Fruits and Vegetables

Make foods such as veggies of all sort, beans (all kind of beans), whole grains such as brown rice, high-fiber cereals etc.

5. Practice Mindful Eating

In other words, tune in when you eat. We are fond of eating on the run, at our work desk, in front of TV. In other words our eating have become mindless, this ends up making us consume way more than needed.

  • Try mindful eating - paying attention while you are eating. Eat slowly and consciously, enjoying every minute of it, focus your mind on the taste and how the food makes you feel.
  • Do away with distractions while eating. Stop the TV, pause work and avoid talking. Distraction makes it easy to overeat.
  • Stop eating before you are full. It will take a while before the signal reach your brain that you have had enough but try not to feel obligated to clean up your plate.