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Weight loss tips for women under 30

Women / August 11, 2017

Women under 30 need to watch the intake of fats and carbohydrates as they may not need them as much now. After you reach the age of 30, the carbohydrates are not as important especially if you are not leading an active life. Your physical strength also starts to take a beating after three decades of your life are past. So, it is wise to start your healthy diet and exercise regimen in your 20’s albeit the late 20’s than after crossing 30, sooner the better.

Here are few of the Weight Loss Tips for Women Under 30

  • Plan Out Small Bits of Activity – It is natural that you find the task before you overwhelming but remember that thousand miles journey begins with one step. Do not plan for more than one day or even an hour. Achieving small goals will set the ball rolling as you feel confident and motivated by your little successes.
  • Find Healthy Alternatives to your Favourite Foods – If you revel in eating unhealthy foods such as white wheat bread, fried or oily preparations, full cream milk (in your case), chocolates or any sort of junk food. You can develop a liking for different types of salad with raw fruits and vegetables, start taking toned milk, replace fruit juices with sodas and always look for such healthier alternatives.
  • Join Yoga Classes – Yoga not only helps to burn out your fat but it is also a great way to reduce stress. One of the chief contributors to weight gain is stress which releases harmful hormones in your body and impedes the normal functioning of good hormones. Enrol yourself to a beginner’s yoga class. It will also give you a support group which you badly need for keeping yourself motivated to lose weight.
  • Joining the Gym – You probably do not want to look like a bodybuilder and for that you should only stick to light and moderate weights along with cardio. Most gyms or health clubs will also give you circuit training classes which are meant to improve your endurance level. Doing weights and cardio workouts will really help you to burn the extra calories.

It is to your advantage that you have woken up to the necessity of losing weight before reaching the age of 30. Burning unhealthy fat of the body becomes harder to achieve with age. Make sure that you do not lose the excitement for losing weight and get started with the simple tips given above!