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Weight loss tips for women

Women / January 9, 2018

Heaviest weight: 345
Pounds lost: 174

“Losing weight has enabled me to feel more confident in everything that I do, and to feel comfortable in my own skin and in who I am.”

What Worked for Her
1. Set non-weight goals. “I always wanted to do a 5K obstacle run, but at my heaviest weight I couldn’t even run 100 yards. I have now completed numerous races, including the Zombie Run and Run or Dye. Some day I will work my way up to completing a Tough Mudder or Spartan.”

2. Don’t get discouraged: “There was a point where I hit a wall and could not get past 200 pounds. I would fluctuate between 200 and 210 pounds for nearly three months. I eventually changed the way I was eating and tried different approaches to working out, such as doing Insanity at home, and eventually I broke through 200 pounds. Remain focused, keep pushing through, and don’t give up.”

3. Track your efforts: “I chose to work with a personal trainer from the start, and he encouraged me to keep a daily journal of my weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, water intake, mood, amount of sleep, duration and type of exercise, and everything I put in my mouth. We also did monthly measurements so I could see my progress, all of which helped to keep me accountable.”

Source: www.shape.com