Tips for extreme weight loss diets

tips for extreme weight loss

Lossing Weight / March 8, 2020

Everybody who’s anybody is interested in how to lose massive amounts of weight in incredibly short amounts of time! Sadly, few of those who take this road care about consequences. So you want it? You have it! Do they work? Yes! Are they safe? No!

The following are fast diet tips I would never advise you to use! But I rather you get this information in a way that’s not misleading. I want you to get the whole picture before you adopt such habits and I want you to be fully aware of the bad effects on your health!

Here you have the most effective weigh loss practices, marked for their efficiency on a scale of 1 to 10.

Smoking the pounds away


Mark 5

Yes… There are people who choose to smoke in order to lose weight.

Efficiency: Truth be told, it works!
How it works: It suppresses your appetite. Do you really want to eat when everything tastes like tobacco? It also suppresses hunger. A cigarette on an empty stomach and you won’t feel those hunger pains! Also, smoking makes you unable to efficiently extract nutrients out of your diet. Your body is depleted of vitamins and minerals, and you lose weight.

How much weight loss: It depends on you! If you yield to the lack of appetite you can become quite skinny.

Health effects: Cigarettes are highly addictive. You already know that! You already know how it increases the risk of lung cancer, stroke, poor circulations and so on. Not to mention the poor bypassers who have no choice but to inhale your smoke.
But guess what else! On the long run, it can have devastating effects on your weight! The moment you quit, and you will have to quit eventually, you start pilling on the pounds like crazy!
If you practice sports, smoking will reduce your performance. Before long you’ll be grasping for air every time you climb a flight of stairs. What does no physical exercise mean? Weight gain!