Drinking Water Before Meals Helps You Lose Weight Popsugar Fitness

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Lossing Weight / November 18, 2021

It can be tough, but use these tips tohelp make the transition.

Buy a cute water bottle and keep it in your backpack. You'll always have it with you when you're thirsty, so you'll be less likely to grab sugary soda or tea!

Ease off of soda. It may be tough to quit, but even if you start by cutting out just one soda a day, it can make a big difference.

Be careful with fancy coffee drinks. Many of the drinks they make at places like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts are yummy, yes, but they can be loaded with sugar. Think of it as a coffee and dessert, which is a once in awhile treat!

Consider smoothies as a healthy snack, not just a drink. And always order the "all-fruit" or "no sugar added" versions. Most chains and snack bars have them, and you won't even notice the difference because fruit is naturally sweet!

Spice up your water! Orange slices, lemon slices, or frozen berries will add some flavor and fun! You'll get a little sweetness without the sugar.

Source: www.seventeen.com