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Scientific weight loss tips

Lossing Weight / August 21, 2019

By Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, LD
WebMD Weight Loss Clinic - Expert Column

If you want to lose weight once and for all, the WebMD Weight Loss Clinic can show you how. Try our top 10 scientifically proven tips and see if they will work for you.

1. Journaling At least once a day, journal your foods by clicking "My Journal" in the navigation on the site. You can track your meals all at once and click "submit, " or you can enter the foods several times a day (use the save option and click "submit" when you are done for the day.) "My Journal" provides daily feedback on how you are doing on your plan and analyzes your weekly intake after seven days.

2. Daily exercise
Get moving! Exercise burns calories and suppresses the appetite. The National Academy of Sciences recently set new recommendations of 60 minutes of exercise per day, up from 30. But don't panic! Only 30 minutes per day needs to be vigorous activity; use other activities of daily living to add up to the remaining 30 minutes. Here's even more help: a study in the Journal of American College of Nutrition showed that you can get the same benefits from 10-minute increments as with 30 minutes of continuous exercise.

Clinic Tip: The National Institutes of Health says that unless diet and exercise are sustained, most weight loss will be regained. Let Rich Weil, our exercise physiologist, help you get started and stay on a personalized exercise routine. Then find a buddy in our Weight Loss Community and make a commitment to support each other.

3. Kick up the calcium
Recent research by Zemel and his colleagues at the University of Tennessee has shown that consuming three servings a day of calcium-rich dairy foods can speed up weight loss by 50%-70% while strengthening bones and preventing osteoporosis. It's a no-brainer - how can you argue with eating yogurt, cheese, and milk - all really healthy foods if you choose low-fat versions - while enhancing weight loss?

Clinic Tip: WebMD's program endorses and recommends plenty of calcium to help you lose weight and keep your bones strong. If you are lactose sensitive, we have plenty of tips for you (such as aged cheeses and yogurts with active cultures) on our Recipe Doctor and Ask the Dietitian community boards.