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Lossing Weight / November 9, 2019

"I throw the pancakes across the room!" she told Yahoo! Style about her surprising approach to resisting tempting foods. "I don't let the food intimidate me. If it's too much, I just get rid of it, but I make sure to watch what I put in my body. And I make sure I know what it is. It's all about portions for the most part. I don't work out a lot, but I do like to be active."

Hudson, 33, does have one vice, however.

"I always have to have chocolate around-it's my cigarette, " she told the website. "I don't smoke but it calms me so well. I don't like too much junk in my dressing room because I have to watch what I eat, so I put everything else out of the room."

The Oscar-winning singer and actress famously dropped 80 pounds as a Weight Watchers spokeswoman from 2010 to 2014 and recently stunned her fans posting a bikini selfie on Instagram.

"That was a goal of the summer! I was like, 'I want to put on a swimming suit this summer!'" she told Yahoo! Style. "Although I'm not that girl-I'm not the beach chick. I'm a city girl, I'm from Chicago, so we don't spend too much time at the beach."

Meanwhile, Hudson is ready to play her dream role on screen: Aretha Franklin.

"Yes! We've talked. We've had meetings about it. It's my dream role. I'm waiting… Aretha, call me!"

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