75 Best Weight Loss Tips for Women - How to Lose Weight

Daily tips for weight loss

Lossing Weight / May 22, 2021

These tips from Atlanta dietitians will help you make positive steps toward your goals every day of the week, from planning meals on Sunday to fitting in some exercise on Saturday:

Tip: Set yourself up for success by preparing for the upcoming week

"It's important to start the week with a plan for your meals and snacks. Part of this planning may include preparing meals for several of the upcoming days. Look at your calendar for work dinners and social events that could be potential barriers for success – check out restaurant menus for ultimate preparedness, " - Kristen Smith, Bariatric Surgery Coordinator at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital .

Mondays can be stressful, so consider a yoga class to get you reset.

Tip: Make sure stress doesn't detail your good intentions.

"Mondays are often stressful. Take time for yourself by taking a 30-minute walk at lunch . When you get home, or first thing in the morning, engage in a mindful activity in the evening such as yoga, meditation or take a hot bath with lavender oil." – Jenny Askew, registered dietitian and owner and operator of Balance Fitness and Nutrition, LLC .

Tip: Take steps to keep motivated for the rest of the week.

"Search online or in magazines for a few inspirational weight loss stories to help motivate you through the week." - Kristen Smith.

Tip: Evaluate your progress and make any changes needed.

"Regroup and assess how you have done with your meal plan. You may need to prep additional meals or alter the plan as needed." - Kristen Smith.

Tip: Keep working out, possibly with a partner.

"Plan a workout date with a friend or family member. The accountability will be helpful, as you will likely have less motivation towards the end of the week." - Kristen Smith.

"Get in your second strength training session of the week (everyone needs to engage in strength at least twice a week)." – Jenny Askew.

Tip: Prepare for a healthy weekend.

"Step on the scale before heading into the weekend. hopefully the number on the scale will help motivate you to stick with your healthy eating habits throughout the weekend - a time when many people stray from their healthy routine." – Kristen Smith.

"Take a 30-minute walk at lunch and start winding down for the weekend before you leave the office. Be sure to spend some time socializing and relaxing with friends after work. Mental health and social support are an integral part of overall wellness." – Jenny Askew.

Tip: Find time to exercise.

"Utilize the weekend for exercise. People who work traditional schedules Monday through Friday often struggle to fit exercise into the week. Maximize your time on the weekends for exercise, and then you will only need to fit in a few days of exercise throughout the week." -Kristen Smith.

Source: www.ajc.com