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Lossing Weight / October 16, 2018

7 Excellent Tips To Help You Shun Some Kilos Off QuicklyLadies, if you want to get gorgeous curves, and guys, if you want a lean and athletic body, then it is time to get up and get active! If those flabby arms and thighs, and dimpled abdomen are causing you stress, it is time you start doing something positive to get in shape.

But, no need to worry! No matter what your reason is for getting in shape, we are here to guide you with a few sure shot ways to lose weight. These tricks will get you started on your journey towards attaining the body that you have always been dreaming about, and would also help you to shun some kilos off quickly. So, get ready for some most amazing tips to help you lose weight.

#1. Set your goal

Start from the basics. Ask yourself the following questions- do you want to lose weight overall, do you want to tone up, or is there any particular part of your body that is disturbing you the most? Yes, setting a weight loss target is the first positive step you can take towards your journey of becoming fit and fab!

What you might be lacking is an effective plan, and that is what you need to lose weight. So, chalk out a weight loss plan first, which will help you to stay motivated towards your target.

#2. Eat to lose weight!

If you thought that you would have to starve yourself to lose weight, then you are wrong. You need to know what foods are good for your body, what foods will help you lose weight faster, and which ones you need to remove from your diet. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Stock on some superfoods that will speed up your metabolism and your weight loss journey. Add foods like apples, pumpkins, oats, strawberries, avocados, broccoli, pears, brown rice, almonds, kidney beans, etc.
  • Increase your protein intake, because protein-rich foods curb hunger pangs. So, go for lean meats, seafood, beans, soy, egg whites, homemade paneer, lentils, etc.
  • Add ingredients, like elaichi, turmeric, garlic, curry leaves, chillies, etc. to your dishes, as these provide a positive boost to your body's metabolism, and help you lose weight.

#3. Start swapping your food

No, we don't want you to handover your lunch box to the person next to you, we want you to swap what is there in that box with something that is good for you. Firstly, instead of going for white bread or rice, go for the brown varieties of the same. Next, swap your breakfast paranthas for healthy oats or an egg white omelette.

Even when you are eating out, here is what you can do:

  • Swap those fried starters, for soups and salads.
  • Swap your normal pasta, for a whole wheat one.
  • Instead of spring rolls, go for dimsums.
  • Replace pastries for a fruit salad.

Now, does all this sound too difficult? Well, if you think about all the weight you will be losing with these smart swaps, we are sure you will relish this thought, forever!

#4. Discipline your food habits

It is not just about eating healthy foods, or superfoods, when it comes to weight loss. You have to start by changing your food habits. Here are a few small changes that you can start with, to lose weight faster:

  • Do not skip breakfast, as that is the most important meal of the day.
  • Eat five to six small meals during the day, so that you not only feel full, but your metabolism stays active as well.
  • Do not eat anything heavy after 8 pm. Make it a rule to finish your dinner by 7 pm.
  • Stick to home cooked meals as far as possible.
  • Go for smaller plates. This is a cheat trick that will not only stop you from putting a lot of food on your plate, but also help you feel full faster with the lesser quantity, before you overindulge your taste buds.

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#5. Drink your way to a flatter belly!

There is no drink in the world that can replace water when it comes to either quenching thirst or losing weight faster.

Yes, water is a boon on which all those who wish to lose weight should be relying. Drinking adequate water helps to keep untimely hunger pangs at bay, by helping you to feel full and satiated. What's more? Water helps to replenish your body's energy after your workout session.

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#6. Work(out) towards a new look!

One hour of full-body workout every morning, and half an hour of walk after dinner can help you lose maximum weight. Have a light dinner and go for a walk at a comfortable pace. Relax for about an hour, and then go to bed. You will notice all those excess kilos disappear. If you cannot find time to workout, then do add that half an hour of brisk walk to your daily routine.

This half an hour walk, along with a disciplined diet, can do a lot of good for your weight loss. Also, when you start working out extensively, cardio (cycling, swimming, etc.) will be your best and safest bet to lose weight.

#7. Get a handle on those stubborn areas!

Fat does not budge easily from areas like thighs, love handles, tummy and upper arms. So, you need to pay special attention to these regions. Remember, initially your body will lose weight fast, as you try to discipline your lifestyle with healthy changes. But, as you keep going, weight loss might need that extra push, which can be offered by targeting those stubborn areas of your body.

There are specific exercises, and resistance training workouts that can help you target those tough spots.

  • If you want to lose weight from your arms, go for different types of push-ups or arm circles.
  • To lose weight from your legs, do some leg lifts and squats.
  • For those love handles, you can start doing dance exercises.

Armed with this cheat sheet for sure shot weight loss, we are sure you will no longer have any more excuses to not get fit and fab.