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Apple shape weight loss tips

Lossing Weight / March 5, 2019

Apple Shaped Body TypeBut let's get back to your Apple shaped body.

You should know that having an Apple body shape (android body type in medical language), your body chemistry is dominated by higher levels of androgen, which is typically a male hormone.

As a result, your excess adipose tissue, or fat is stored deep in the body (viscerally), in and around your breasts, back and waist (as opposed to a Pear shape body, which stores extra fat directly under the skin, mostly in and around the hips and thighs).

With an Apple body shape most of this visceral fat surrounds your internal organs: heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys and intestines generating a plethora of serious health risks. These include the
disruption of your hormonal system and a lower metabolism, which makes it really difficult for you to lose weight.

Health Risks for the Apple Shaped Body Type

You should know that visceral fat is far more harmful than the subcutaneous fat... If you are familiar with Dr. Savard's, you already know that the more abdominal fat you have (the higher your WHR), the higher your risk of:

  • metabolic syndrome
  • type 2 diabetes
  • cardiovascular problems (heart disease, high blood pressure, even stroke)
  • higher levels of stress
  • increased inflammation in the body
  • certain cancers, such as breast and endometrial cancer

And there's more. Dr. Peter Kopelman, professor at the Royal London School of Medicine insists that abdominal fat also affects respiratory function - especially during sleep, producing:

  • apnea
  • pulmonary hypertension
  • cardiac arrhythmia

That's why, with your specific female body shape consider getting the pounds off sooner rather than later... and that's primarily for health reasons rather than appearance.

Here are some helpful eating tips for your...

Apple Shaped Body Diet

The good news for you is that - in contrast with women with a Pear shape body - you lose weight easier :-)

This is because the visceral fat is the first to go when you start dropping the extra pounds.

As a result, you'll see your waist shrink first, almost immediately after implementing these body-type customized nutritional tips.

As shocking as it may seem, with an Apple body shape, your mantra should be "complex carbs".

Yes, complex carbs.

Contrary to what you might have been led to believe by the latest diet gurus advocating extreme high-protein, high-fat diets, complex carbs (good carbs) actually promote weight loss!

And that's in addition to giving you all the necessary supply of anti-aging, cancer-fighting phytonutrients.

Plus, having enough complex carbs in your diet (along with omega-3 oils) boosts your weight loss results and gives you relief from high stress, anxiety, irritability, depression.

Bottom line is this. Eating "good carbs" (complex carbs) makes you happier, more calm and relaxed.

Here are three specific tips for your Apple shaped body diet:

1. Favor complex carbohydrates - these high-fiber foods are your "friendly carbs" and should make half of your daily caloric intake: wild/brown rice, whole grains/multigrain dark breads, buckwheat, quinoa, oats/oatmeal, most vegetables (but limit the starchy ones, like corn, potatoes/sweet potatoes, yams, carrots), and most fruits (limit the very sweet ones: bananas, watermelon, pumpkin, grapes, pineapple).

2. Eat moderately quality proteins (lean beef/lamb, lean skinless chicken/turkey breast, fish, seafood, free-range eggs, beans/peas/lentils, low-fat yogurt & cottage cheese) and use only healthy fats (avocado, nuts, flax seeds powder, dressings made with olive oil or flaxseed oil & fat-free yogurt; cook with healthy cooking oils).

3. Avoid refined carbohydrates: packaged cereals containing wheat and white-flour baked products (breads/pasta, muffins, pastries, cakes, cookies, crackers) and stay away from sweets: fruit juices, ice cream, candy, sweet carbonated drinks, honey, maple syrup, and anything containing sugar/fructose/sucrose/corn syrup - as all these foods cause an immediate spike in your blood sugar and over time create insulin resistance, which triggers the fat-storage metabolism.

With an Apple shaped body, it's best to not skip breakfast to avoid too low blood sugar levels in the morning and then, a sharp drop in your energy right after lunch.

Also, consider adding the following three key supplements to your diet:

  1. psyllium - a soluble fiber that greatly reduces the health risks associated with your Apple body shape (take psyllium with a cup of water immediately before your meal, as fiber needs food to give you its benefits)
  2. omega-3 fatty acids - on days when you haven't eaten fish or flaxseed oil) - the connection between omega-3 and weight loss is long-researched and well-proven
  3. a high-quality multivitamin (make sure it includes vitamin D and folic acid).

In a nutshell, the ideal Apple shaped body diet is:

  • 50% complex carbs
  • 30% high-quality proteins
  • 20% healthy fats (extra-virgin, cold-pressed olive oil and flaxseed oil for salads/dressings and coconut oil for cooking)
  • extra supplementation with fiber, omega 3s and a multivitamin.

Working Out for the Apple Shaped Body Type Means Exercising Daily (Well, almost)

Exercising daily is crucial for your specific female body shape.
Alternate strength (resistance) training AND at least 45 minutes of cardio (aerobic exercising) three times per week each, with a day off.

For quicker weight loss and reducing of visceral fat, do cardio daily (brisk walking is great).

Source: www.brainyweightloss.com